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VIDEO: Fruit Tree Care with Chuck Ingels (PART 1)

Chuck Ingles, UC Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor, introduces a class of UC Master Gardeners to the basics of fruit trees in the home setting. Topics include basic fruit tree terminology, planting, choosing and handling, as well as the pruning and training of fruit trees. This 60-minute presentation was recorded in the Sacramento Valley of California.

Basics of how trees grow:

0:40 Roots - how they grow
4:30 Chilling Requirement
6:40 Sunlight Requirement
7:00 Pollenization
10:15 Soil Requirements
12:20 Parts of the Tree -
17:50 Planting the Tree
26:00 Post-Planting Care
29:30 Water and Irrigation
34:05 Fertilization
36:00 Pruning

Note: on Pruning: Common Vision recommends an open center kept very short. This is a little different then the "fruit bush" described in that the cuts are made with a little more choice involved.

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