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    Plant trees. Teach kids.

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    Plant trees. Teach kids.

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    Plant trees. Teach kids.

Join our team of tree planting educators!

Twice a year, 16 crew members travel to public schools to plant fruit trees and create art with thousands of kids. In addition to planting 10-25 new orchards, crew members provide pruning, irrigation support, art programming, education, and other care for 50-100 maturing school orchards.

Working to grow delicious living classrooms by day and camping together by night, crew members experience intensive fruit tree education, a meaningful way to contribute to the school garden movement, and often the cultivation of lifelong friendships.

Common Vision is actively seeking people of color to staff our next Spring tour.

Benefits of joining tour...

  • Intensive education and hands-on experience with fruit trees
  • Training and experience as an eco-educator and environmental justice advocate
  • Working closely with a fun and dedicated team of change-makers
  • Inspiring 10,000 students to connect with their local environment
  • Planting 15 new school orchards and helping 50+ to thrive and produce abundantly for the students
  • Working with strong organizations in each region who are making real change in food justice and environmental education
  • Travel in a bus run on Recycled Vegetable Oil and Solar Power
  • Room and board covered for all crew members
  • Limited number of stipends are available.

Fall 2018 Programming

September -- October, 2018

Our People Policy

It is Common Vision’s policy that all Fruit Tree Tour crew members, individually and collectively, demonstrate maximum respect in attitude and actions to all people of the many culturally and racially diverse communities visited during the tour. Common Vision is committed to cultivating a living and working environment that intentionally seeks to promote the coexistence of people of diverse background and identity based on mutual respect and integrity. Common Vision requires that the Fruit Tree Tour living and working environments on tour are free from discrimination on the basis of race, class, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation. We expect all crew members to actively support this policy.

Join us in our mission to plant 1,000 school orchards by 2025!

Plant school orchards with us!
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© 2003-2020 Common Vision