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Fruit Tree Tour visits Long Beach


by Matt Logan

Transform a concrete jungle into a fruit tree sanctuary with some eclectic drum beats as a catalyst and you've got the Fruit Tree Tour.

There are many places in the cities of America where kids have little to no vegetation and definitely not many fruit trees. The non-profit organization Common Vision was created to help "cultivate ecological awareness and respect for the Earth while generating social and environmental changes towards sustainable lifestyles," as explained in their mission statement.

On March 2, the Fruit Tree Tour was here in Long Beach visiting The New City School. Traveling north into Los Angeles to finish the week they visited Normandie Avenue Elementary School on Friday. During the event they were able to work with students to plant 75 trees and involved approximately 1,600 kids. "The drums make the kids go nuts," said Common Vision volunteer Michael Flynn, "Even teachers where coming out and shaking their booties!"

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